Emily Siganowich
Matron of Honor
Emmy may be a cousin and a best friend, but when it comes down to it, she is my sister. We are practically the same person and understand each other in a way most people can't even begin to imagine, which is probably a good thing haha! There isn't a more kind and selfless person than her, and whenever I need a good laugh or a cry, I can ALWAYS count on her to deliver. She is my Matron of Honor today, and my female soulmate for life. 
Brooke Pless

Best friends since kindergarten, Brooke and I have been through EVERY phase of life together. From playing with dolls, to our very first dates, Brooke and I have experienced it all side by side. We have the same sense of humor, which I admit is slightly disturbing, and months can go by without seeing each other; however, whenever we do see each other, we pick up where we left off and continue to laugh until it hurts. 

Ashleigh Helms
I am beyond blessed to have cousins for best friends, and this beautiful soul, Ashleigh, is one of them! Ashleigh is brilliant and kind with a contagious laugh that always makes for a good time. From smashing Easter eggs on Grandmama's tree, to rocking out at Taylor Swift concerts, Ashleigh and I have a lot in common. While she is too far away for my liking at Clemson, I am counting down the days until she returns to Charlotte to create more unforgettable and hilarious memories together! 
Lauren Silver

Best friends since high school, Lauren is one of the best and most reliable friends you can have. The girl even made a trip to England to visit me while studying abroad! Through the good times and bad, Lauren is always by my side supporting me. What also makes Lauren great is that we share all of the same nerdy qualities ;). Books (especially Harry Potter), traveling, musicals, One Direction (yes, One Direction), we always have something to geek out about together over a good cup of coffee or some chips and salsa.

Jacquoline Jones

They say you don't know a person until you live with them, and I can certainly testify to that! Thankfully, Jacquoline was stuck living with me in our dump of an apartment in college, and what a blessing that was. Jacquoline is the definition of a tough, strong woman, and if anyone ever did anything to upset me, you could count on her to get angry about it too. On top of being the bodyguard friend, Jacquoline has a kind, caring heart that can't be missed, and is always down for a girly chat over a box of Hungry Howie's pizza.

Brooke Smeltzer
Besties since college, Brooke Smeltzer is my mini me with a big personality and a big heart. Brooke is always down for a celebration and a party and is always getting everyone off of the couch to have a great time together, and boy have we had countless fun times together. Whether it's a simple dinner date, a party at the lake house, or sliding down freezing rocks in the mountains, Brooke is always ready for a good time because SHE is the good time. Not only that, she is caring, kind, loyal, and is one of those friends that will be there when you need her most.
Paris Gittens
My British beauty, Paris, and I met in an unconventional way at a UNCC bus stop, with her cute British accent drawing me in! We immediately became friends and shared lots of good times together, and when I decided to take a leap and study abroad a second time in England, SHE is the reason that I went to the University of Kent. Paris is one of the most genuine, kind and funny people you will meet, and she has that special knack of always making me feel better about any situation with her caring heart, wisdom and her ability to truly listen. Coffee dates, late night shenanigans and trips to the WB Harry Potter Studio Tour (sorry, Paris - hehe) make for the best memories, and I am honored that she is traveling such a great distance to stand by my side during this special moment in life.
Charley Tench
Bridesmaid & Wedding Singer

My flatmate in England at the University of Kent, Charley and I have remained the closest of friends regardless of the distance. Normally, one would be put off by a roommate who continuously sings, but this girl has the voice of an angel. Jay and I even have the honor of Charley gracing us with her beautiful voice as we stand at the alter. Beyond her singing talents, Charley is one of the most hilarious and caring friends one could have, and I can always rely on her to send a text that will automatically make me laugh and brighten my day. From the Chocolate Cafe in Canterbury to hiking Chimney Rock in North Carolina, every moment with Charley is special. 

Lee Ward
Best Man & Father of the Groom

Dad, you are not just my father, you are my best friend and my oldest fishing buddy. You've set a high standard for a father and a husband. I hope I can make you proud.  

Jesse Ward
Groomsman & Brother of the Groom

Despite being repeatedly chased around the house with a toilet plunger and routinely tickled to exhaustion, you've still found a place in your heart to be the best little brother a big bro could have. In all seriousness, you have the kindest and most loving heart of any man I know. Hold on to that, Jesse. It's a quality that defines a person through their life and not many possess.

Justin Bland
Groomsman & Brother of the Bride
The bride is here, and I am taking over the groomsmen section for a moment to talk about my best friend, and brother, Justin. There are not enough words to describe how amazing of a person Justin is, and my respect and admiration for him is never-ending. Justin is the person that you can rely on and talk to about ANYTHING because his wisdom, guidance, love, and care can and will get you through any obstacle in life. Justin is also that person that always makes me laugh with that dry humor of his, and even though there were several occurrences of torture with a certain Michael Meyers mask, Justin has become my best friend. Endless memories have been shared, from opening stockings with mom and dad and looking for Santa at Grandmommy and Paw Paw's house, to Disney World and graduation day. I am honored to be your friend and sister, and I am so blessed to have you stand by Jay and I on our wedding day! :)
Tim Tye

Tim, it's no surprise that through all these years we've continued to be best friends through high school, college, relationships and the many phases of life. When I've counted on you, you've always been there. Which, despite being a country a part, is a testament to your character. 

Jeremy Bryan

Jeremy, you're a dear friend. I'll never forget spring/summer camping trips spent with you and Alaska or the summer of 2007 at K-Med. Those memories form many of the highlights of my life. Your passion for the people you love warms us all.

-Phi Phi Kappa Alpha

Al Finlayson

Al, despite knowing each other for a relatively short time, you've quickly become one of my best and dearest friends. It's no accident that I chose God and a life filled with Jesus on a trip with you. I look forward to a lifetime of fellowship and many fish in the net! 

Garrett Oakley

Garrett, not many guys (or gals) would let their buddy crash their guest bedroom only a few months after getting married. You and Ali have been so good to me and for that I'm forever grateful. You're one of my best and dearest friends. No matter where we are in the world, I know we'll always be able to catch up like we saw each other yesterday and then find some way to complain about American politics. 

-Phi Phi Kappa Alpha

Zach Gantt

Zach, over the years you've been a great friend and a close confidant. I love you like a brother and am humbled to have you by my side as I cross the threshold into marriage. We've been through so much together as we've grown into the men we are from the boys we were in college. I'll cherish those moments for a lifetime.

-Phi Phi Kappa Alpha 

Wesley Marshall

Wes, you are one of my original fishing buddies and best friends. Through the years we stayed in touch despite distance and many relationships. I'll never forget our best moments on the water together, the first time you tried whisky at the Stoner's Bass Tournament and our epic rain dance at your parents' old lake house on Grandbury Lake. I can't wait to celebrate this life event with you, Meridethe and the family. 

Chelsea Robinson
Wedding Planner

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